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November 20, 2019
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Are you suffering from breathing problems? Could it be asthma or allergies? Here at Texas Regional Asthma and Allergy Center in Fort AsthmaWorth and Southlake, Texas, we specialize in treating a wide range of respiratory and allergic conditions. Contact us to address your breathing and allergy issues – today!

More About Asthma

In asthma, the small airways of the lungs are inflamed and narrowed. This inflammation and narrowing make breathing difficult. And asthma can be deadly: every day, more than 10 Americans die from asthma attacks.

Common asthma symptoms include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness or pain in your chest
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping

Triggers for asthma include allergens (pollens, molds/fungus, dust mites, animal dander), weather changes, and irritants such as smoke, strong smells, and ozone. Exercise can also be a major asthma trigger. Treatments for asthma include quick-relief inhalers, inhaled long-term control medications, and oral therapies. Allergic asthma can be additionally treated with subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy (“allergy shots”), sublingual allergen immunotherapy (“allergy drops”), or biologic injections.

Don’t trust your health to the internet: if you are experiencing breathing problems or allergies, contact your friendly, local Fort Worth or Southlake allergist at Texas Regional Asthma and Allergy Center for a personalized evaluation today!

Questions? Concerns? Interested in learning more about the treatment options available for asthma and allergies? Call us today at Texas Regional Asthma & Allergy Center, conveniently located in Fort Worth and Southlake, Texas: (817)-421-0770,


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